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Add: No.11, Panpan road, National Economic & Technological Development Zone, Changsha, 410100
Tel: +86 73182791069 / 82790115
Fax: +86 73182796318

Important data

Site area: 9000m2

Investment scale: 52 million

Treatment capacity

disassembling over 1 million used household appliances per year; recycling and disposing 220,000 tons of renewable resources per year.

Project overview

The two fixed TV and computer dismantling lines; the two automatic CRT cutting lines; the two harmless effect processing equipment for complete-automatic refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners; the plastic grinder; the two dismantling lines for waste electric machines and cables; the integrated disposal productive line for electronic circuit boards with its related environmental protection facilitiesA established regional disposal centre for disassembling and utilizing electronic waste, aiming to provide auxiliary service for the trial practice of like-for-like replacement and go all out to build a demonstration base for dismantling, utilizing and disposing electronic wastes in Henan province. This project has forcefully promoted the establishment of the disposal system of e-waste with Chinese characteristics and bears fundamental significance in carrying forward the notions of applying optimal techniques and environmental practices.

Qualifications and honors

One of the first batch of enterprises which were officially appointed as special enterprises for dismantling and disposing household appliances

The regional large typed recycling and utilizing base of renewable resources named by the ministry of commerce and the ministry of finance.

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