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Add: No.11, Panpan road, National Economic & Technological Development Zone, Changsha, 410100
Tel: +86 73182791069 / 82790115
Fax: +86 73182796318

Important data

Site area: 20 Mu

Investment scale: 10 million Hong Kong dollars

Treatment capacity

300,000 tons per year

Project overview

It is under joint venture construction by Hunan Vary Tech Co., Ltd and Wise Security Tech Co., Ltd in Hong Kong, and mainly takes part in the harmless treatment of electronic wastes and in the research and development of new materials and environmental protection equipment.Based upon Vary Circuit Board Recycling Co. Limited, it conducts related technological communication and cooperation on electronic wastes recycling and disposing with Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan and other regions and has roughly formed the industrialized situation for disposing and recycling electronic wastes at home and abroad.

Qualifications and honors

Hong Kong industrial and commercial prize.

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