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Add: No.11, Panpan road, National Economic & Technological Development Zone, Changsha, 410100
Tel: +86 73182791069 / 82790115
Fax: +86 73182796318

Important data

Site area: 200m2

Investment scale: 100,000 U.S. dollars

Treatment capacity

60 tons per month

Project overview

It provides an on-line-styled renewable recycling system for acidic waste etching solution on printed circuit board and this system does not discharge solution but efficiently recycles the copper out of the solution and reuses it at the same time. In this case, there is no need to pre-dispose acidic waste etching solution but to directly put it into diaphragm electrolyzer for electrolysis. After this process, the copper powder of 99 % purity will be gained from the cathode, thus the 100 % acidic waste etching solution recycling target will be reached.

Qualifications and honors

The successful practice of applying the equipment into GG circuit Industry Co. Limited demonstrates the wide-spread applicability of this equipment into the printed circuit board companies for acidic waste etching solution recycling and reusing.

Our Project

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