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On the afternoon of July 30, 2015, Director of Hunan Provincial  Technic Department Xudong Tong visited VARY in the accompany of Director of Changsha Technic department Yuesi Zhao and Head of High-tech Department Qi Liu.

Director Xudong Tong visited VARY's Urban Mine exhibition, and listened to the presentation about the introduction of VARY's main products, including Scrap steel crushing and recycling system, refrigerator recycling equipment and other recycling equipments. He also watched videos showing how Scrap steel crushing and recycling system works.Director Xudong Tong highly acknowledged the reliability of these products, and the prosperous future of this VARY.

Director Tong and other government leaders also asked about the latest development about VARY's Municipal Solid Waste Environmentally Processing facility. They showed strong interest in this advanced technology, and encourage staffs in VARY to keep strengthening technologies and seize the chances, leading this industry to a higher level, and make more contributions.

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