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On August 1, VARY hold an Parent and Children activity named "Baby is coming". Staffs in VARY in accompany and their children took part in this activity. Children had a lot of fun while playing games and learning knowledges about how to protect our environment.

Vice president of VARY Ping luo hold this activity. She patiently explained what resource crisis and urban mines are with easy language to children, and taught them how to protect our environment. She also asked several questions about environmental protection, that kids were all eager to raise their hands and gave the answers so they can get the biggest prize. 

To promote the communication between kids and parents, a game named "Making dumplings" was played. To make the most creative dumplings, parents and kids are highly focused. Kids kept kneading dough and using different tools. When they come up with a great idea, they got so exited about it. Finally, many great works were presented. Dumplings are made in the different shape such as spider, sugar-loaf and flowers, etc. A piece of work named "A grandpa wearing glasses" won the first prize in this activity.

Afterwards, parents took part in a competition about who eat dumplings the fastest. Two hot mom eat at their fastest speed to win the prize for their children. And Neng Yang from research department won the biggest prize.


There are also many games being played in the afternoon. Parents and kids took part in different games all together, they enjoyed these games, and enjoyed the times they had been together.  

In this activity, kids got knowledge and presents, and they had fun with their parents who had been busy with work always. It means a lot to every staff in VARY, as they really felt warm being a member of VARY. 

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