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Add: No.11, Panpan road, National Economic & Technological Development Zone, Changsha, 410100
Tel: +86 73182791069 / 82790115
Fax: +86 73182796318

Important Data

Site Area: 1000 mu

Investment Scale: 100,000,000 yuan

Disposal Capacity

1000 sets of home appliances per day.

Project Overview

This company bought a set of refrigerator recycling machine from VARY in 2011. It is important to promote the establishment of recycling network for refrigerators in the middle section of China. After several years of developing, this company in Jiangxi province has been a mature demonstration base for resource recycling, and its leading place in related associations is not shakable. Until now, this set of machine is running stably with capacity of 60 sets/h.

Qualifications and Honor

One of the first batch of enterprises that got government fund subsidy in China.One of the first batch of provincial circular economical demonstration enterprises in Jiangxi Province.

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