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Waste Washing Machine Dismantling Equipment

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Products Instruction

This line dismantle waste washing machine and sortdifferent material for recycling. Meet efficient disposing, environmentfriendly and safety request.

Working Principle

The waste washing machine is delivered to roller conveyorby trolley. The move to the dismantling platform which have 10 work positionsfor different parts collect. The workers will dismantle the waste washingmachine by hydraulic shear, screw driver, etc. Adopt pneumatic tools todismantle cover, knot, and counter weight. Sort the PCB, switch and other partsto certain package.

Cut off the connect line between shell and inner drum byshears. The shell will be baled processing. Using eclectic wrench dismantlemotor and capacitance. The inner roller and shaft will be separated byhydraulic shear. Stainless steel and PP will be crushing or baling processingseparately. The capacitance should be disposed accordance with dangerous wasteprocessing rules.

Different recycling parts from each workposition will be collected to certain package . Sorting and baling ferrous,plastic and other material by handwork at the end of conveyor.


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