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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Recycling Equipment


Recycle all sorts of Printed Circuit Board - includingHome Appliance PCBs, Cell/PC/Printer PCBs, PCB Industry Waste Rims.

PCB series recycling plant is able to crush waste PCB,PCB edge trimming and copper coating board and also separate the metal powderand non-metal powder. The dimension of waste material should under500mm×500mm×5mm(L*W*T).After two or three crush processes, the PCB mixed powdersize will be less than 0.05mm×2mm. The metal powder and non-metal powder willbe selected by cyclone and vibration separation. Metal recycling ratio couldreach 90-98%.De-dust system and activated carbon adsorption tower realize nopollution in whole recycling process. Easy operation and maintenance combinedwith necessary safety considerations bring reliable equipment for your PCBrecycling business.

Technical Advantage

● Isolated Negative Pressure material conveyor andrecycling technology. From material feeding into shredder to final outputdelivery, whole flow is operated in totally sealed negative pressure pipe, Nodust emission, there is no secondary pollution.

● Primary Shredder is self-innovated machine, low powerconsumption, low noises, and high performance.

● Core Crushing Machine is patent protected machine,Blade is made by High hardness, High abrasion resistant 16Mn steel with longwork life. Material crushed and separated completely, it helps to improve therecovery rate.

● In order to reduce the affection to the surroundingenvironment, main power plant is designed with isolated house to reduce thenoise and special device to reduce vibration. It helps to provide goodenvironment for the workers.

● Plant designed with exhaust gas treatment system. Inorder to avoid exhaust gas and bad smell for the high temperature, this plantequipped with water spray and active carbon absorption system.




RPCB - 1000

RPCB - 2000

RPCB - 3000


150 - 260 Kgs / h

350 - 600 Kgs / h

500 - 800 Kgs / h

Overall Size (mm)

1800 × 5000 × 5000

1800 × 5000 × 5000

25000 × 6000 × 6000

Rated Power

380V / 100KW

380V / 120KW

380V / 280KW

No.of Operators


Metal Recovery Rate

95% - 98%

Granularityof Metal (mesh):50 - 60 Granularity of Non-metal (mesh):80 - 300

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