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Waste Cables & Wires Recycling Equipment

Products Instruction

1 Brief

Waste Wires/Cables recycling equipment, it adoptsadvanced and intelligent technology which separates and recovers copper andplastic from waste wires and cables, and at same time protects environment.This plant has changed traditional method which burning wires and cables,sources recovered by mechanical crushing, airflow delivery, airflow andvibration separation, dust collection system cleans the dust and fiber duringproduction, emit qualified air to atmosphere. This plant improves the workingcondition for workers, and it is Eco-friendly plant. Not only apply for cablesand wires, but also apply for plastic and timber recycling.

● Easy operation   ● High level automation ● Highcrushing efficiency ● High recovery rate


2 Application

It accepts size between 2.5 and 3.0 mm waste cables andwires, and final output size: 1-2mm copper and plastic granule

3 Work Flow

Main Equipment






Primary Belt Conveyor


Airflow Conveyor Blower


Single Shaft Shredder


Dust collection Blower


Seconday Belt Conveyor


Pulse Dust Collector




Support Platform


Airflow / Vibration Separator


Pips and Accessory


Cyclone Hopper


Control Cabinet


5 Main Specification

5.1  Rated Power60KW

5.2  Power Supply380V/50Hz

5.3  Capacity: 300-500kg/h

5.4  Operators: 4 Workers

5.5  Installation size: 18000x3000x5000mm

5.6  Copper recovery rate: 94%-98%


6 Main Equipment Specificatin and Performance

6.1 Single Shaft Shredder

 PW serial single shaft shredder with robuststructure. The machine equipped with  close-packed structure of smallblade knife roll which with the advantage of low speed, high torque , low noisehigh efficiency  and energy saving. The knife blade made by high alloysteel AISID-2, which with high hardness, high toughness, abrasion resistant andnot easy breakdown. And it is convenient for disassembly, and  maintenance.Shredder also equipped with mechanism and   electrical overloadprotection device.

6.2 Operation theory and structure features

Before feeding, sort cables and wires by different size,choosing mesh according to the cable size. Material shredded by moving and fixblade until shredded material could go through the mesh. Full serial machinewith compact structure, reliable and easy for operation and maintenance.Chamber could be open for replace blade knife, maintenance and cleaningshredder.

6.3  High pressure blower

Blower delivery mixed crushed plastic and copper togravity separator for separation

6.4 Airflow vibration Separator

 Airflow vibration separator is a kind of equipmentwhich use vibration, gravity, and aerodynamic force technology to separate lightmaterial(lightweight plastic, fiber)and dust from ventilation pipe. Crushedmaterial delivered by conveyor pipe to airflow vibration separator, screen andeccentric shaft driven by motor to vibrating, at the same time, blower beneaththe separator blowing air to the screen, copper and plastic are separated bydifferent gravity, dust is delivered to dust collector system. Adjustingvibrating frequency and air flow to achieve optimal separation rate.

 6.5 Dust collection system

This device is used for collecting dust, fiber andlightweight plastic from gravity separator and secondary crusher, keep workingarea tidy and clean, provide good working condition for workers and eliminatethe pollution to the environment. 

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