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End-of-Life Vehicle Dismantling Equipment

Key Technology

1. End-of-Life Vehicle Spare Parts quick DismantlingTechnology

2. Spare Parts Delivery Technology

3. Hazardous Waste Dismantling Technology

4. End-of-Life Vehicle Comprehensive DismantlingTechnology

Technical innovation

1. China first innovated End-of-Life Vehicle automaticdismantling line with advantages of automatic, safe dismantling spare parts,reliable, low pollution, low power consumption, low labor intensity. It isexcellent equipment for End-of-Life Vehicle dismantling enterprise.

2. Compact arrangement , saving work space and highdisassembly efficiency

3. Hazardous Waste recovers with high efficiency, avoidpollution to environment, comply with state environmental requirement

4. Disassembling and sorting explosive parts, avoidexplosive damage to equipment and workers in next crushing step.

5. Multi-function. Pre-treatment for ELV body crushing,and comprehensive dismantling for spare parts collection and rebuild.


It suitable for pretreatment and dismantling all kinds ofEnd-of-life Vehicle (Width<1900mm; length<5500mm; Weight<2500 kgs)(Except Special Vehicle ). It replaces current manually dismantling method,reducing pollution to environment and improves economic benefit for junk carrecycling.


1. Completely dismantling junk car (dismantling5-Assembly, Battery, Air Bag, Tyre), provide raw material for ELV crushingequipment

2. As comprehensive dismantling, serve for spare partsrecovery and re-built

. Technical Index

1. Parameter





Rated Power




Installation Size

55000 * 124000 * 6510mm

2. Main Equipment

Lifting add Reversal System

Including Lifting and Reversal Platform

Dismantling system

Including Tire Disassembly Machine, Pneumatic Wrench,Glass Disassembly Knife,Manual Hydraulic Shears,Oil and Water Extractor,etc

Hazardous Waste Recovery System

Including Aqueous Liquid Collector,Oily Liquid Collector,Petrol Collector,Diesel Collector,Refrigerant Collector and Balancer

Conveying System

Including Double Gantry Crane,Suspension Crane

Assistant Equipment

Including Material Storage Container

3. Work Flow

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